Message from Secretary General

The Knowledge Enthusiasts of today and Leaders of tomorrow.

It’s a dream come true. After three years of intense dialogue and negotiations with the management of our school, we have been able to launch CENMUN 2017. The efforts taken by our seniors who have left school and the enthusiasm shown by our juniors have ultimately borne fruit and I am sure that with your support CENMUN will reach great heights in future.

A unique feature of the first edition of CENMUN is the focus on issues impacting the East – Middle East, Near East, South East Asia and South Asia. This three day conference from 10th November to 12th November will simulate nine committees which will be presided over by experienced Executive Board members. These committees will not only be a forum for intense debate, research, lobbying, public speaking and resolution writing but also a meeting place for delegates with varied interests and opinions. In the process, participants become aware of global issues and seek a global solution through consensus.

This brings me to my assertion that Model United Nations are conferences, not competitions. It is a forum for enrichment and no medium of enrichment can ever be an equivalent stage for competition. Trust me, many a time, you will end up surprising yourself when your dormant qualities start becoming active. MUN-ing will become that addictive drug that won’t cause any harm to you, but will make you more confident and resilient beings. In a world where knowledge is power, MUN-ing helps you to enter into the diaspora of influential people who win wars with words that is raging in the fire of human suffering.

Someone once said, “We tried war, we tried aggression, we tried intervention. None of it works. Why don’t we try peace, as science of human relations, not as some vague notion – as everyday work” It is with this spirit that I, along with my entire secretariat team, invite you all to be a part of the joyful experience of CENMUN 2017.

Jai Kalantri
Secretary General