Social Egality : The Pressing Priority

About the theme

‘Social Egality: The Pressing Priority’ is the theme for SENIOR CENMUN 2021. “Liberty, Egality, Fraternity!” was the rallying call of the French Revolution 220 years earlier. The struggle to achieve these three and especially Egality remains relevant today. The world is witnessing steadily increasing inequality. The rich get richer every day while the poor are still struggling for a minimally decent life. The elite gets more and more powerful while the oppressed get yet further downtrodden. These issues have unfortunately been further accentuated by Covid-19.

Why we chose this theme

Students of Grades 9-12 are at a phase where they are re-discovering the world, looking at it again from a different and mature perspective. A theme like ours is quite thought-provoking and will allow the participants to carve their pristine outlook towards the world. It will make the delegates hanker for a better reality and inspire them to work towards it, towards a world that is egalitarian for all.

About the Committees

We have come up with 10 intriguing committees, all of which will be riveting. Six of them are International Forums, two of them are Indian Committees, and the ninth is a Special, Unconventional committee. The tenth has never been seen before, anywhere in the entirety of the Indian MUNing circuit. A great deal of thought has been put into each Committee to ensure that every delegate has an indelible experience.
Please visit committees CENMUN – Centre Point School, Nagpur for the Committees and Agendas for SENIOR CENMUN 2021.