About Us

CENMUN, since its very inception in 2017, has grown to set a benchmark of quality and widespread recognition. It is one of Central India’s largest conferences and has been successful in simulating over 1000-1500 delegates – an extraordinary number. In the 2019 chapter, the Secretariat accomplished to organize 17 committees of diverse capacities and made it the most successful and renowned organization all over. Earlier this year, Junior CENMUN was held in which we hosted around 150 young but promising delegates. And now, we’re back with Senior CENMUN, for classes 9-12.

CENMUN stands firmly on the belief that the YOUth of a country are the most crucial tools that build the nation. To these ends, CENMUN continues with its tradition of striving that the YOUth can bring the most impactful social change. The delegates hail from diverse geographic and cultural locations. Ultimately, everyone takes home a lot of learning. This experience is ensured by the highly intellectual Executive Board members who not only bestow their knowledge and experience, but also befriend the delegates.

At Mother’s pet education society, the image of the child is of primary importance to us. The image of the child is one of his/her being rich in resources, strong and competent. Each child is a unique individual with rights rather than needs. ‘Children have potential plasticity, openness, desire to grow, curiosity, a sense of wonder, the desire to relate to other people and communicate.’(Malaguzzi)

Hence, ‘Protecting the Right to Childhood’ exemplifies our philosophy. From a humble beginning with a few children the kindergarten has grown to 4 branches with over 2500 children.

Our Directors

Mrs. Aruna Upadhyaya – Founder Director – is a merit rank holder for her Masters in Economics from Nagpur University. She has also completed a course in ‘Child Care Design’ from Harvard University,Massachusetts USA. Believing in international standards of early childhood learning,Mrs. Upadhyaya put her two daughters through a rigorous educational regimen of professional international training.

Mrs.Radhika Rajwade is the Director of Mother’s Pet and Centre Point Group of Schools. She completed her Masters in English Literature and B.Ed from Nagpur University, followed by a Masters in Education Management from King’s College, London. She is also a Masters in ‘Early Childhood Learning’ from the University of Surrey, Roehampton, England. Mrs.Radhika Rajwade spent 10 years in the US where she was actively involved in schools, which used therapy-based practices for the emotional well-being of the child. She now conducts workshops for parents and teachers on ‘Parenting And Discipline’ issues and mentors teachers on the latest trends in Education.

Mrs. Aparna Sanyal, her second daughter, completed her B.Ed from Nagpur University followed by a Masters in Education Management from King’s College, London. She thereafter did a course in ‘Child Care Design’ from Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA followed by a course on the Financial Management of Non-Profit and Educational Institutions. She subsequently worked as an Educational Consultant in Mumbai. The classes and play areas have been designed by Mrs.Aparna Sanyal along with her team of in-house artists.

The Directors are also members of a worldwide group called NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), USA, which works on several key issues related to child-care and education in its early stages. The three Directors regularly travel the world over, visiting schools in Europe, USA and Far East. This has helped in benchmarking Mother’s Pet Kindergarten to international standards.

The Centre Point Group

Centre Point Group of Schools comprises of 3 premier educational institutions of Nagpur. The group was conceptualized in 1988 by Mrs. Aruna Upadhyaya, its Founder & Director. The school is a manifestation of her visionary zeal and her philosophy of providing quality education to children in a student-friendly ambience. Along with the Intelligence Quotient – IQ, emphasis is laid on developing the Social Quotient – SQ and the ‘Joy’ Quotient – JQ. It is this philosophy of the founder that is the guiding light of all academic and co-curricular activities taken up in the schools. Through a student-centered holistic approach to teaching-learning which respects the individual needs of children, the schools aim to achieve physical, social, emotional and academic excellence, and consequently human excellence.

The schools are:

Centre Point School, Katol Road, Nagpur
Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur
Centre Point School, Amravati Road (Bypass), Nagpur

All the three schools are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Examination. An excellent result in the CBSE board examinations is a tradition which has become ingrained in the ethos of all the three schools. The three branches are proud recipients of the ”INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD by THE BRITISH COUNCIL.”