CENMUN Attire Tips :

Dress conventionally
When it comes to dressing for MUN, avoid going overboard with loud and bright colours that can sometimes be distracting. Instead stick to basic colours such as black, white, grey, navy blue and brown.

Prepare well in advance
Deciding what to wear at least a day prior and getting it ironed is a good idea. There is nothing more pleasing than a neatly ironed, well-creased outfit.

Full sleeves shirt
Going for a light coloured full sleeves shirt with dark coloured suit or vice-versa is the best option to wear for MUN.

Choose wisely
After clothes, shoes are the next important thing that portrays your personality, hence remember to choose them wisely. Always opt for some formal pairs in classic tones of black and tan.

Colour coordinate your accessories
Being colour coordinated is the new trend, so pick the shoes that are not too funky and match the colour of your belt.

CENMUN Attire Rules :

All those participating in the conference are expected to dress in MUN attire.

Failure to comply with the dress code will result in warnings and if this violation persists may result in severe measures such as being unable to receive an award because of it.

Male delegates :

  • Wear formal pants.
  • Suits / blazers required together with ties and tucked in buttoned-up shirts.
    Therefore, no jeans, polos or t-shirts are allowed.
  • Wear dress shoes. Hence, no tennis shoes, sneakers or any informal footwear.
  • Delegates are encouraged to wear respectful cultural significant accessories
    (meaning accessories that do not offend any country or delegate) and that do not break any of the aforementioned rules.


Female delegates :

  • Wear slacks and formal pants. Hence, no jeans.
  • Wear skirts or dresses that are knee length or below knee length. Dresses may not be open below the middle of the back and cannot be too tight such that it should be easy to gather an inch of fabric on either side of the dress anywhere except at the waist.
  • Button-up shirts and blouses not to show shoulders.
  • Low cleavages are not acceptable.
  • Wear shoes that are appropriate for the event. Sandals, flip flops or sneakers are not allowed.
  • Culturally significant accessories such as Muslim headdresses may be worn as long as they do not break any of the aforementioned rules.