Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha

Agenda : Monsoon Session of Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha 2023
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United Nations General Assembly Legal

(UNGA Legal)
Agenda : Refining International Extraction Laws
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United Nations Security Council

Agenda : De-Escalating the Myanmar Crisis and analysing its implications on Asian Stability
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Disarmament And International Security Committee

Agenda : Strengthening Partnerships for Nuclear Disarmament
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United Nations Human Rights Council

Agenda : Discussing the Human Rights Violations in Middle Eastern Conflicts
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Economic And Financial Affairs Council

Agenda : Deliberating Upon Alternative Currencies for Global World Trade
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All India Political Parties Meet

Agenda : Re-Visiting Reservation Rights in a Contemporary Setup
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Group of 20

Agenda : Analysing the Contribution of Developing Countries in the Global GDP
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US Senate

(US Senate)
Agenda : Inculcating gender Neutrality in the Education System
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Lok Sabha

(Lok Sabha)
Agenda : Implementing the Uniform Civil Code for the rights of Religious minorities and Tribals
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Food And Agriculture Organisation

Agenda : Discussing the Global Food Inflation and its Implications
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International Press Committee

Agenda : Photographers, Caricaturists and Reporters
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Federation Internationale de Football Association

(FIFA) Agenda : Auction
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United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace

Agenda : Legalization of Betting
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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Agenda : Debating upon the Discrimination Against Refugees and Protection of their Rights with Special Emphasis on Right to Asylum
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United Nations Women

Agenda : Combating Gender-Biased Ideals and Customs in Religiously Driven Nations
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