Donation to Assam & Bihar Floods – 2019

Team CENMUN, along with the Rotary Interact Club encouraged high school students to contribute necessary essentials to add to the funds raised through CENMUN surplus for the Assam and Bihar flood victims. The total collection made was packed, labelled and counted by the Interact Club. A couple of middle school students also volunteered to go and deliver the collection. The collection was sent to the “The Seva Kitchen” which would further deliver the goods into right hands.

Around 20 KGs of Sugar, Tea Leaves & Milk Powder were donated along with around 75 KGs of Rice & Pulses packed with almost a hundred of necessary cloth and sarees.

Donation to Assam & Bihar Floods - 2019
Donation to Assam & Bihar Floods - 2019

Neki Ka Pitara – ‘The Joy Of Giving’ – 2017

This was an innovative project jointly founded by CENMUN and Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar wherein children from class 1 – 12 bring smalls packets of Parle-G Biscuits and flavoured milk tetra packs on their respective birthdays to donate. Every few weeks, when the donation is sufficient for all the children, we visit the Anganwadi school nearby to donate the accumulated contribution. We make sure that the milk and the biscuit are consumed in our presence. This donation makes one’s birthday special and memorable. It is such a blessing that we get the opportunity to feed them and share our delight with these jubilant faces.

Neki Ka Pitara – ‘The Joy Of Giving’

‘All for Kerala’ at CENMUN – 2018

'All for Kerala' at CENMUN

Distances don’t matter when it comes to extending a big helping hand to alleviate the suffering of people ravaged by natural disasters. Nearly every member of team CENMUN and every Centre Pointer at Wardhaman Nagar rose to the occasion and the young and the old Good Samaritans came together to do their bit for the flood-affected victims in devastated Kerala. Empathizing with their agony and anguish, members and students contributed generously to the relief measures which were undertaken jointly by Team CENMUN and the Rotary Interact Club to assist rescue operations in ‘God’s own country’. Launching a donation drive on 21st Aug ’18, members addressed every student out there, informing them about the various materials and commodities that they could donate and stressing on the urgency and necessity of the endeavour. Messages were also sent out on all active student social media groups to reinforce the emergency of the situation. The response was overwhelming. Donations in the form of various kinds of medicines like disinfectants, syrups, tablets, first aid kits, cotton rolls, bandages, etc. as well as toiletries and mosquito repellants poured in from students of Classes I to XII on 23rd and 24th Aug ’18. These were later sorted and packaged into nearly 10-12 large containers along with half a dozen sacks of cereals like rice and wheat and sugar each in just two days. The consignment was finally dispatched to the Rotary Club and a Kerala based NGO with the hope that it would offer timely relief wherever needed. Brimming with pride for a job well done, every student was appreciated for their valuable contribution to a noble cause by the school management and staff. Members appointed for this special initiative were also applauded for leaving no stone unturned to accomplish this feat at such short notice. The initiative spoke volumes for the spirit of teamwork, humanity and concern showed by Team CENMUN to help their brethren in need. It was ample proof that when small acts of kindness are multiplied by millions of people, they can transform the world.

All for Kerala at CENMUN