What is CENMUN ?

CENMUN is a 2-day Model United Nations Conference, held annually at Nagpur in Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar since 2017.

Attire Tips

Please refer to http://cenmun.com/cenmun-attire-tips/ for the dress code of CENMUN 2022.

Where and when is CENMUN held ?

CENMUN is held at Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar at Nagpur, India usually during the autumn/fall season.


What is the official language of the conference ?

The official language of CENMUN is English.

Do I need previous experience to participate ?

You do not need any specific previous experience to be a delegate in any committee at CENMUN, but your allocation is allotted on the basis of your experience and your preference and is completely under CENMUN’s discretion.

How many delegates will represent a country in each committee ?

Only one delegate will be representing his/her allocated country in a committee.
(Except in a double delegation committee where two delegates will represent one country)

Can I represent my own country ?

Yes, you can always state to us your preferred country in your application form but the final discretion of your allotment is subject to availability and is completely under CENMUN’s discretion.

How can I get prepared for the conference ?

Delegates may get prepared by reading the Background Guides prepared by the Executive Board of CENMUN and may also be updated with news and updates on the website for further preparation tips.

Is it necessary to attend all the sessions ?

Delegates have to mandatorily attend at least 3 committee sessions in order to get the certificate of participation.