Message from Secretary General

Greetings !

It is my pleasure to invite you all to the sixth chapter of CENMUN, 2023. Previously, CENMUN has been triumphant in hosting more than 3000 delegates from all over the country, along with an accomplished Executive Board.

I believe the youth of today are equipped with the voice and vision to bring about a change in the 21st Century. Keeping that in mind, I take pride in presenting before you our theme for this year,
“A Neoteric Take on Real Time Issues”, around which our committees and agendas will revolve. This theme envisages a modern approach on the predicaments ailing the world, globally, nationally and even fictionally. I welcome you all to engage in intellectually stimulating debates and discussions, approaching the resolutions diplomatically through a neoliberal lens. Together, we can achieve this milestone!

We at CENMUN 2023, await your presence!



Arwa Vali

Arwa Vali
Secretary General – CENMUN 2023