Message from Secretary General

Dearest Delegates, Teachers, and Faculty Advisors,

I welcome you all to the fourth edition of CENMUN with immense pleasure. After a break last year due to the pandemic, we are now ready to take forward the legacy of CENMUN by presenting to you the first Online Edition of it – CENMUN 2021.

  1. JUNIOR CENMUN, was held on 11th and 12th September, consisting of delegates from classes 6 to 8 (inclusive).
  2. SENIOR CENMUN, which will be held on 15th and 16th January, 2022 comprising delegates from classes 8 to 12 (inclusive).

The past years have been very tough for all of us. The COVID pandemic has unveiled what the human society can suffer through, by damaging the nature. In disguise, it has also unveiled the possibility of unity and the ability to overcome problems together, as different nations rendered helping hands irrespective of their policies and wars. This has appropriately brought in the importance of diplomacy and emotional intelligence, which was the theme of CENMUN 2019.

CENMUN, since its very beginning, has grown to set a benchmark of quality and widespread recognition. Personally, I have participated in all the three editions as a delegate, and I have always aspired to become a part of the organizing committee of this amazing and zealous event. Having assumed this prestigious post, I now believe that my team’s high spirits will leave no stone unturned in achieving the best in all aspects for CENMUN.

Undoubtedly, CENMUN is one Central India’s largest conferences and has been successful in simulating over 1000-1500 delegates – an extraordinary number. In the last chapter, the Secretariat accomplished to organize 17 committees of diverse capacities and made it the most successful and renowned organization all over. CENMUN stands firmly on the belief that the YOUth of a country are the most crucial tools that build the nation. To these ends, CENMUN continues with its tradition of striving that the YOUth can bring the most impactful social change. The delegates which participate range from ages 13 to 18, coming from diverse geographic and cultural locations. Ultimately, everyone takes home a lot of learning. This experience is ensured by the highly intellectual Executive Board members who not only bestow their knowledge and experience, but also befriend the delegates.

Social Egality : The Pressing Priority

Social Egality : The Pressing Priority’ is the theme for SENIOR CENMUN 2021. “Liberty, Egality, Fraternity!” was the rallying call of the French Revolution 220 years earlier. The struggle to achieve these three and especially Egality remains relevant today. The world is witnessing steadily increasing inequality. The rich get richer every day while the poor are still struggling for a minimally decent life. The elite gets more and more powerful while the oppressed get yet further downtrodden. These issues have unfortunately been further accentuated by Covid-19

Students of Grades 8-12 are at a phase where they are re-discovering the world, looking at it again from a different and mature perspective. A theme like ours is quite thought-provoking and will allow the participants to carve their pristine outlook towards the world.

Thus, with great hope, I cordially invite you to join us at this wonderful event, CENMUN 2021!

For any assistance or queries related to CENMUN, please feel free to contact us at
info@cenmun.com .



Anshul Kamble

Anshul Kamble
Secretary General