A Neoteric Take on Real Time Issues

The years succeeding the pandemic have been really hard on the world and diplomacy and peace have been challenged throughout. Humanity reached a new low and questions on morality were raised. In Spite of it all People of the world, through their deliberate thinking and considerate problem-solving skills and statesmanship, have and are mapping ways to lend a helping hand in the betterment of humankind. This message is ingrained in the tenets of CENMUN and it is what we propagate. Through our 11 invigorating committees, with thought provoking agendas, we essentially focus on current issues affecting the world right now.

We tie this up with our innate ideology of #YOUTHisYOU to come up with avant-garde solutions with an ingenious approach

Through CENMUN’23 we encourage delegates to view the issues with a neoteric lens, to confront and negotiate those issues with innovative and acceptable solutions.