Indian Citizen’s Summit

About the Theme

Indian Citizen’s Summit is the premise for Junior CENMUN 2021. The idea is that eminent civilians from various states across the country will come together and engage in debate with the ambition of Reforming India in mind. We selected this theme as students of Grades 6 to 8 are learning more about India, its states and the constitution as a whole. This theme will give students an opportunity to explore national concerns, issues and disputes, and be proactive in coming up with solutions for them.

Ideology Behind the theme

In a typical UN committee, new delegates find it quite difficult to relate to the issue at hand. Here, the agendas are those which have surrounded them all their life so finding solutions to them will be refreshing. Also, representing an entire country can be quite stressful for new delegates. Here, the views they express will be of the states they are from but they’ll have to represent a single person. Moreover, students of this age might be doing MUNs for the first time. Thus, it becomes important that we create an environment wherein they feel comfortable to speak, and they feel involved in the debate. Therefore, keeping citizen representative instead of state or ministers, we give the students an opportunity to be abound from any party, and overall represent all the citizens of different Indian states and Union Territories.

About the Ministries

We have come up with 10 dynamic ministries, which will be really exciting. As you know, ministries are the indirect law-making bodies of the government. All ministries are part of the Cabinet Secretariat, which is the main law-making institution. Ministries consist of a head, which is usually a cabinet minister, and there are also other administrative officers which suggest inputs in the meetings. The work and jurisdiction of each ministry is well specified. All the delegates are requested to do preliminary research about their respective ministry, what laws have been presented by it in the past, etc. Please visit Committees Cenmun – Centre Point School, Nagpur for the ministries and agendas in CENMUN 2021.