Predicaments to panacea : A Glocal effort

“Predicaments to Panacea : A Glocal effort The world is full of atrocities ranging from a threat to security, Health concerns, and human rights but what the world also has to offer is an all-embracing human resource that has the greatest weapon against all of these things: their mind, combined with intellect, critical and analytical thinking, a side of diplomacy with a hint of arbitration. Cenmun 2022 comes with 12 committees designed to take up the problems of the here and now and address issues that need to be highlighted as the need of the hour. But are massive, comprehensive efforts all it takes to bring about a change? No, it comes with efforts that start at the root level, local, but pivotal. And so Predicaments to Panacea : A glocal Effort, domiciliary, but highly political. Scaled-down, but revolutionary. Crude, but in the 21st century don’t we like it that way?

Cenmun’22 brings predicaments to panacea, a solution to all that we face, an answer to the manifold obstacles in the face of the world. So let’s confront the predicaments, not just confront it, but negotiate the plight out of it through weapons of diplomacy and endurance.”